This year so far 

When it was new years eve I decided that my new years resolution would be to make memories as when 2016 had drawn to a close I realised that I could not pinpoint anything that I had done , no happy memories that stood out and absolutely no achievements which made me feel quite sad that I had wasted a year of my life and made me realise how precious time is and that I want to make the most of it when I can.

My birthday is in January and it was a special one this year it was my 21st! So instead of going out and getting drunk I wanted to do something that I would remember forever so me and one of my closest friends went to Disneyland Paris we stayed in a beautiful hotel our room had been upgraded and we were treated like princesses by all the staff.

Then next was getting my assistant manager job, it was a massive thing for me as I had been a stay at home mum for a long time which sometimes makes you forget that you are a person aswell as a parent but this job had changed my life forever as I became so confident and I made an amazing friendship with someone that will last a lifetime.

Following that I spent two nights in Bournemouth in which I went to see James Arthur perform live and he was absolutely brilliant .

I have been becoming a bit of a beauty product guru this year and have been trying so many products and have blogged about a few so I went to the Glamour Beauty Festival which was incredible I had my hair and nails done there was opportunities to also have your makeup done and listen in on celebrity Q&A’s. The event was sponsored by Fiat and we had a chance to have a photo shoot which was tons of fun.

I have visited places that were so beautiful and definitely (Instagram ready) photos and I have taken the girls on lots of day trips which have made happy moments to look back on and laugh about. And I have seen both my daughter’s grow up so much and change within the last 7 months.

For the last five years I have suffered with social anxiety I wouldn’t answer the phone and would come up with any excuse possible to cancel on plans and I believe that putting myself out there trying new things going new places had definitely made a massive change I still get nervous and my tummy will always feel like a washing machine when put in those situations when I don’t know anyone or my surrounding but by doing this I have no regrets. .

I will be keeping this resolution for every new year as life is too short and I want to make the absolute most out of mine 🌍

I have lots of new ideas for my little blog so please do have a look out followers are greatly apreciated and if you wish to follow my instagram it is lucylouisec    🙂 xx


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