Durdle Door Dorset

Today I am going to do a travel post as I visited Durdle Door which to me sounds like somthing from Harry Potter but this beach was absolutely breath-taking I was so blown away by the beauty of this place with the sunny weather and the turquoise seas I honestly felt like I was on a tropical island.

Durdle Door is situated along the Jurassic Coastline , it is privately owned by The Welds who owns 12,000 acres in Dorset called The Lulworth Estate which is open to the public. You can access the beach by footpaths and steps ( a lot of steps) which are definitely not for the faint hearted but definately worth doing for the amazing views. The rocks first formed 150 million years ago, before the hard Jurassic and soft Cretaceous rocks were dramatically contorted around 40 million years ago and then sculpted by natural erosion into the two magnificent coastal landforms we see today which will forever evolve over time and will aways make great photo points.

If you ever plan on visiting Durdle door I would suggest comfortable sensible shoes , a camera and a picnic . There is a holiday park situated at the top of the cliffs which would be great if you wanted to watch the sun rise and sun set on these beautiful beaches.

I hope you have enjoyed this short travel post followed by some pictures and I hope to write some more in the near future where my next adventure awaits! if you thought this was a good read then please give this a like and all follows are deeply appreciated! 

lucyllou xx






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