May beauty faves 

Hello , this month i seem to have purchased a few beauty products as i have been feeling a bit dull and wanted to brighten up my face a bit and just feel good really so I thought I would share with you what I have baught .


These False Lashes are a godsend! they only cost £1 from Superdrug that’s right £1!!! and they are better quality than the more expensive ones on the market, they do not come with glue so I have been applying them with my own bottle of eyelure glue but they just feel so weightless and look nice and full , they stay on perfectly all day without having to reapply glue and the line where you put the glue is wider than most sets ive tried which is why i believe they have worked well for me.
Below is a picture of them applied (excuse terrible eyebags im a mum of two!)


Next is this amazing Soap And Glory Supercat Liquid Eyeliner pen which I payed £6 for , now I have used a lot of eyeliners over the years i recently bought the Kat Von D tattoo eye liner but i must say I actually prefer this cheaper alternative , it applys on smoothly and doesnt smudge it also gives me a very sharp line which you will see in the picture below , I love it and it will now always be my go-to eyeliner in the future.


I am no Makeup artist at all i just wear makeup because it makes me feel better and i enjoy the process of applying it and trying out new products so recently i have been having a little play around with contouring and bought a contour pallet by a brand called Sleek it retailed at £10.99 and so i thought i would give it a go now i wasnt ‘amazed’ with my outcome when i first tried it but i guess once i get the hand of the art of contouring it might work better for me.

index                                                      20170525_191426Lastly is my Pixi by Petra glow mist which is a lightweight spray that hydrates the face and is enriched with 13 natural oils now i use this right before i apply my makeup to protect my skin and keep the moisture in and then i also use it as a finishing spray which leaves me with a dewy finnish. i love this product and will be purchasing it again for £16 which i don’t think is a bad price when im getting two products in one , this product is available from Cult Beauty.


I’m going to bring this post to an end but if you would like to see more posts like this then please give it a like and if you havent already please give my page a follow! ❤


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