Mental Health Awareness week 2017


Some of you may know that it is Mental Health Awareness week this week so I thought it would be a good topic to talk about.

Instead of talking about depression and anxiety I would like to touch on Mental/Emotional abuse which isn’t spoken about enough.

Common emotional abuse signs are manipulation, control/dominate the other person ,verbal offence, constant criticism , isolation,undermining,economic abuse ,bullying and there is many more signs.

In most cases the ‘abuser’ will try to play the victim this is when the manipulation comes in but in some cases the abuser might not be aware of the mental/emotional abuse they are causing because there is no physical damage, but emotional damage can be just as bad as physical abuse and is in fact a crime.

Emotional abuse can lead to depression,confusion,anxiety, emotional instability, extreme dependence on abuser and suicidal thoughts and attempts.

If you think you are suffering from emotional abuse or you think you may know someone who is then please talk to someone about it , more people need to be aware of mental/emotional abuse and nobody should suffer in silence.

below are some links you may find helpful. please like and follow my blog if you would like to see more posts!

lucyllou x


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