Balancing Life

Hi guys I feel like I have neglected my page as I have been juggling so many things lately my private life has been a total mess, my new job has been keeping me very busy and I have had to start up my little hairdressing business to earn the extra penny’s aswell as keep my two munchkins happy and healthy.

so in the time I have been away I have realised that life is too short to not do the things you love or that make you happy , make new memories every day , socialize with old friends and make new ones, don’t get trapped in that boring bubble which everyone else expects you to be in because life really is short and its all about making it worth while. Since I have been working full-time ive noticed that my girls are growing up so much week by week and it has left me feeling bitter-sweet because as much as I love that my girls are becoming their own little people and learning new things I forever want them to stay my little darlings so the time I do get to spend with them I cherish it and make sure we have tons of fun so we have memories to look back on like last week for easter sunday we went to a farm and had a wonderful day and fed a calf a bottle of milk which was amazing seeing the girls faces light up .

I know this isn’t a fun exciting blog today but just wanted to recap my time away and to inform you that there will be posting more blog posts soon!

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