Let today be the start of something new!

UPDATE: I got the job! 

Today I want to talk about something slightly different that i usually do and this is about interviews. I have been a stay at home mum for quite a while to my two beautiful girls and as much as I love it I wanted to get my self back out into the working world.

I suffer from anxiety and usually get myself very worked up over these sorts of things so I thought I would share how I coped , tips for interviews and I shall later update you on whether I got the job or not but fingers crossed! 

So to start with the job I went for was a supervisor role in a clothing store. I came across the job when my step sister was trying on prom dresses , a lovely member of staff had been helping us out with putting her outfit together, we got chatting and I asked her if there was any positions going , she just so happened to be the manager and asked me to bring in my C.V , so a few days later I did and then I shortly received a call and organised and interview. 

For the first time ever I had no nerves for an interview and I have put that down to being able to see what the person interviewing me was like before having my interview it made me feel so much comfortable knowing who I would be trying to impress and she was so friendly and chatty so I had a very good experience. 

So these are the tips I have put together for preparing for an interview. 

  • Know the company your applying for do as much research into the company as you can, how they started , what they do .
  • Have contact with the manager/boss before hand to know who your talking to (this helped me alot)
  • Know the role your applying for ( what the role intitles you to do , know your responsibilitys within that role and what is expected of you)
  • Make plenty of easy to read notes of what you may say during your interview which you can carry with you to keep looking at until your interview starts .
  • Organise a suitable smart outfit to wear but make sure it’s comfortable  (you don’t want to be fidgeting) 
  • And lastly just be yourself! I have been to a few interviews and have always tried to be who they want me to be and that hasn’t really got me anywhere we all have different personalities and skills and we should all embrace them and learn from each other instead of just being robots.

I hope you have enjoyed this read if you have please give it a like and a follow is always welcome! I shall update you all if I have been lucky but even if I’m not after this experience I feel very confident about going to more interviews as I’ve learnt to just be my honest self if the like me for me that’s great if the don’t then it’s just not meant to be.


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