Love & Relationships

February is the month of love so i thought it would be a good topic to write about without all of the loved up mushy crap.♥

The key to starting relationships

To enter a relationship or to love somebody the most important thing you need to be able to do is to love yourself. By loving yourself you are slightly more in control of your emotions and your are not dependent on the love from someone to keep you happy.All relationships should be equal, nobody is superior to the other you should compliment each other like salt and pepper and always bring out the best in each other.In reguards to self-love, a good quote I like to live by is “If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror” this teaches me not to depend or rely on anyone to achieve whatever goals I have in life but i do believe that your partner should be supportive on any goals you wish to have and I don’t believe true love works if you do not support eachother.

Keeping love alive ♥

The key to keeping this beautiful thing called love, around is teamwork , it takes two people to be in love and it takes two people to keep it going, no matter what troubles life gives you as long as you stick together to work through it then you can get through anything that life throws at you.

when I was younger people always kept going on about how me and my partner were in our ‘honeymoon phase’ and after a year we would be miserable just like the rest of them. beginning relationships are exciting , you go on plenty of dates and adventures you are getting to know each other their interests , hobbies , likes , dislikes you go through so many strange emotions and you always try to look your best to impress your new partner such as waking up 10 minutes before them to stick on a bit of makeup brushing your teeth and spraying a slight bit of perfume then pretending to go back to sleep so they think you look perfect all day everyday. Fast forward to a year later when you fart and burp in front of them you have dried dribble down the side of your mouth and your hair looking like you have been dragged through a bush . Now im not saying you need to look perfect all the time but is important to not let yourself go completely , I find getting dressed up and sticking on a bit of makeup works wonders to my confidence but of course to get dressed up you actively need to be going out on dates , even if you have settled down and had kids you need to make time for ‘couples time’ and be that young fresh fun person they fell in love with .

Now im going to stop this blog here before I end up writing a whole book but my main point is you both need to put in the effort to make love work.

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