Birchbox February 2017

Happy Valentines day to you all of you ♥♥

I have recently subscribed to Birchbox, after looking for a beauty box for a while i found this the most affordable at £10 per month and well presented especially with their collaboration with Papier this month ,which gave this months box such a beautiful design , my arm was also twisted when i saw that Benefit cosmetics was one of their included brands and i adore Benefit!

I love the idea of receiving a package once a month of beauty products it almost feels like christmas! The beauty products are tailored to your likes and needs which i find great as i would hate to have any products go to waste . you receive 5 different products each month all by different brands , this month i received a makeup brush , eye shadow pallet , face mask , hair conditioning spray and an oil skin treatment and i absolutely loved every one of them and so here is what i thought of each product

Beaver Professional Daily Moisture Conditioning Spray

I have always been obsessed with hair products (probably why I studied hairdressing at college) anyway im always styling my hair with all sorts of tools and ive been meaning to find an on the go product which i can use just to make my hair feel in good condition. This conditioning spray works as a detangler and a hydrator and is created with a blend of organic herbal extracts to help hair from breakage , reduce frizz and fly aways and to stop hair from feeling so dry.

POP Beauty Bright Up Your Life

I am usually a fan of Urban Decay eye shadow pallets but this little pallet didn’t let me down , the colour stayed on perfectly all day and I liked the brush it came with to apply the eyeshadow and found the pallet was perfect to use to achieve that gorgeous smokey eye.

KEEOME Hydration Therapy Mask

I was a bit unsure whether I would try this one as i have very sensitive skin and i am always prone to reactions but I tested it out on a patch of skin before I put the whole sheet mask on my face and what can I say it left my face feeling very fresh , clean and certainly more healthier and I had no bad reactions to it at all so I defiantly think this will be my go-to face product for when my skin needs a bit TLC .

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse

If you have read any of my other blog posts you will see that I suffer from psoriasis .Now i always get excited when trying out new products that could possibly help my condition, I have used this for 4 days now and I have already seen a change of appearance in my psoriasis and it is no longer looking and feeling so dry and flakey. The oil is formulated with A blend of six different essential oils, including sweet almond, camellia, hazelnut, and macadamia . The oil can be used on your face , body and hair so I will be giving it a go on my scalp shortly.

Spectrum Collections Marbleous Tulip Eye Contour Brush

I am only starting to gather a good collection of makeup brushes as they are the key tool for makeup to sit perfectly on your face so I was delighted to receive one to add to my collection. This brush feels very soft and fluffy on my skin and i am currently eyeing up buying a complete spectrum set.


If you are interested in receiving a beauty products each month then i cannot recommend Birchbox enough! here is a link that will let you receive your first box for just £5!!

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