Controlling your emotions

The key to living an easier life is to take each day as it comes ,if things don’t go how you wanted its ok ,you have tomorrow to try again . Its ok not to be ok all the time i have not met one person that could possibly say they have been happy every day of their lives we need unhappy days to balance out our emotions . unhappiness and pain doesnt last forever whether its physical pain or mental pain , i remember thinking to myself when i was in labour, come on Lucy this pain will be over within a few hours and you will wake up the next day without being in excruciating pain and you will be looking down into your arms at a beautiful baby, anyway my point is when you’re in pain no matter what pain it is it  will NOT last forever  and there is no reason to rely on things to take away your pain as they are only temporary solutions as happiness comes from within.

I have put together some tips on how i try to stay happy


  1. Put down that phone enjoy whats and enjoy whats around you
  2. Remove all negativity from your life even if its people you need to let go
  3. Have a good catch up with friends
  4. Go somewhere you havent been before
  5. Take a photo of every place you go or an exciting moment
  6. Get yourself all dressed up and doll your face up even if it’s for a stroll the confidence helps.
  7. Create a bucket list and gradually do the tasks
  8. Try something new whether it’s a recipe or a hobby 
  9. set small goals that lead on to a big overall achievement.
  10. enjoy some you time , stick your feet up listen to your favourite music and enjoy that time.

Remember life is too short , don’t be so serious all the time there is a whole world out there full of exciting things so dont mope around too much and enjoy whats around you.



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